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2017 High-End Home Design Trends

Every year brings with it new design trends for the home, and 2017 is no exception.

2017 high end home design trends

But while the DIY craze is in full force, high-end consumers are looking for something a little different. Home trends for luxury home buyers lean toward helpful, time-saving, features as well as ways to enjoy recreation in a home all year long.

Here are the top seven trends we foresee in home design, building and decor in 2017.

  1. Smart Homes

    Smart Homes can incorporate many different kinds of technology now from something as simple as a voice-activated assistant such as Amazon’s Echo or Google Home to fully connected systems where homeowners control lights, temperature, televisions and security systems from their phone or smart device. These devices have to be charged, of course, which means more homeowners are incorporating device chargers into their home’s design. Outlets with USB plugs built in have become popular options next to the bed or in the kitchen and cordless charging docks can be built into beds, cabinets or counter tops.

  2. Year Round Recreation

    Creating luxurious outdoor living spaces has been a trend for quite awhile, but for those in colder climates or for people who just want to be able to enjoy their home all year long, indoor recreational spaces have become a new trend. Recently we built a client a garage specifically for their golf simulator system, so they could keep up with their swing even when it’s snowing outside. Other indoor recreation options include racquetball courts, half basketball courts or indoor swimming pools.

  3. Jewel Tones Take Over

    2017 High End Home Trends: Shadow by Benjamin Moore

    After several years of muted gray, white and “greige” palettes, highly saturated jewel tones are taking over. Benjamin Moore’s 2017 paint color of the year is shadow – a deeply purple take on the dark grays that have dominated for the past few years. In addition to purple, deep magentas, cyan yellows and emerald greens are showing up in high-end home design.

  4. Mixed Metals

    The days of brushed stainless steel are over. The new trend is mixing metals including chrome, brushed or polished bronze and copper. This trend has been largely ushered in by the popular industrial and midcentury modern designs where wood and metal play lead, rather than supporting, roles. No longer do homeowners or designers need to worry about matching metals across an entire home down to the door stops. This trend allows the freedom to mix and match metals to highlight an individual piece’s design.

  5. Textures on Trend

    The visual fatigue of staring at flat, slick screens all day long has finally pushed design trends to lean away from sleek, flat modern materials to warmer, tactile textures. From flooring to fabrics to fixtures, mixing textures and patterns is like a vacation for our deprived senses.

  6. Shedquarters

    2017 High End Home Trends: Shedquarters

    Shedquarters is the term coined for buildings that are detached from the main house and can be used for a variety of purposes, but perhaps most popularly for a home-based business. These buildings may also provide additional space for guests or just a place to party. Shedquarters go beyond cars or lawn care storage and take the outbuilding to the next level.

  7. Go Green

    2017 High End Home Trends: Pantone Color of the Year - Greenery

    The Pantone color of the year is “Greenery,” a color that exudes positivity while suggesting environmental awareness and responsibility. This color encourages us to bring green into our indoor space in both decorative and sustainable ways. Home renovations in 2017 will highlight environmentally conscious upgrades such as energy efficient appliances, windows and heating systems and recycled and sustainably sourced materials such as bamboo, cork and reclaimed woods. In more literal interpretations, designers have embraced indoor plants that go beyond the ficus. Terrariums, succulent gardens and oversized, leafy trees such as fiddle leaf figs and yuccas all bring a little green to your indoor space.

    2017 High End Home Trends - bringing outdoors in



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