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2017 Lighting Design Trends

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Lighting design is a rapidly changing industry with new trends appearing quicker than almost any other aspect of interior design.

That being said, lighting is one things that can most easily date a home. Fortunately it is also one of the easiest things to update. If your home needs a refresh or you’re starting from scratch, consider how you might incorporate these recent lighting trends.

Industrial Design

Interior design has skewed industrial for several years now, with furniture and lighting design incorporating hard metals, rustic woods, iron and simplified designs you might see in an old workshop. Recently industrial fixtures have been elevated with more elegant materials like chrome, brass and oil-rubbed bronze.

industrial chrome kitchen lighting

Industrial globe pendants are updated with shiny chrome to match this kitchen’s hardware.

industrial kitchen lighting blended with french provincial

Large industrial dome lights are paired with a French provincial chandelier for a modern yet rustic twist.

Along with industrial designs, vintage-style “Edison” light bulbs have made a resurgence in modern fixtures. These bulbs can be found at just about any hardware store and are even available as LEDs.

edison bulbs lighting

Edison bulbs are particularly striking in simple pendants like these.


French Country

With nearly every trend action there will be an equal and opposite reaction. As industrial design has made its way into homes, so has antique-style French country fixtures, furniture and cabinetry. Often these two styles are paired together for an interesting juxtaposition.

french country lighting

French country lighting features sparse wood or iron designs, making the materials themselves similar to industrial lighting trends, but the forms and shapes are much more delicate and decorative.

french country lighting with a twist

These French country inspired chandeliers make a statement without being heavy. They keep sight lines open while still making a visual impact.

Wall Sconces

Not all lighting is overhead. Wall sconces for eye-level lighting has become especially popular with our clients building movie or theater rooms. The eye-level lighting is less harsh and reduces glare on TV or projection screens. Dimmers work great on these lights as well so you can create a true movie theater feel when the feature film begins.

sconce wall lighting in movie room

wall sconces for lighting in media room


For those looking for a more unique, out of the box lighting solution, artisan and hand-blown fixtures have come into vogue, particularly in pendant lighting, which can really showcase color and design.

unique artisan pendant lighting

These one of a kind blown glass pendants create a true visual centerpiece over this eat-in kitchen island while showing off our client’s artistic flair.


Ever since AMC’s hit series Madmen premiered in 2007, mid-century design has made a huge comeback. Despite the series finale and a decade of design changes, mid-century seems to be sticking around for awhile. It’s quirky yet sleek designs speak to modern homeowners and the touch of nostalgia can’t be denied.

midcentury sputnik lighting

This modern take on the mid-century “Sputnik” design is perfect in this ranch renovation.

The fixture draws your eye down the open living room and into the dining room, creating some visual drama in a classically simple mid-century space.

midcentury ranch with sputnik lighting

Fixtures are more than just a vehicle for bringing light into dark spaces of a room. They speak to your style and sensibility and help bring your home to life.


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