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Cabinetry Colors: Beyond the Pale

For the past several years the trend in home cabinetry has been fairly monochromatic.

Nearly every kitchen renovation included white cabinetry and often light stone countertops and tile backsplashes. This is a clean, beautiful look and it holds up well over time, especially when more traditional hardware and tile are chosen.

this kitchen features various shades of white and cream for a monochromatic and timeless look

But this look just isn’t for everyone, and many of our clients have been pulling color back into their cabinetry. We’re not just seeing this in kitchens – we’ve also noticed the trend in bold cabinetry colors for bathrooms, custom built-ins, bars and more.

This custom built in was painted a bright chartreuse along with the walls and the trim

While a look like this is also not for everyone, it shows the way that a very bright color can actually become more subdued by eliminating contrast. By painting the door, molding, and cabinets chartreuse, this client created a bright, cheery space that doesn’t offend your eyes by contrasting harshly with bright white or dark trim.

Dark gray bottom cabinetry creates a modern look

One color trend we’ve been seeing more often is toward dark grays. This kitchen uses a warm charcoal gray and minimalist hardware to create a more modern look. By keeping the upper cabinets white and the backsplash light they keep the room from becoming overwhelmed by this intense color.

the dark gray vanity anchors this otherwise white bathroom

In this bathroom a dark gray vanity anchors an otherwise bright, airy room. It’s a great focal point and draws your eye all the way down the space. The color also pulls the veins out of the marble flooring and wall tile, giving them more impact. The cabinet’s inset design and crystal hardware keep this look more traditional.

robin's egg blue custom built in cabinets stand out against the light colors around it

Another color trend we’ve noticed is pale, robin’s egg blue. This works especially well on accent pieces in a kitchen, like this custom built-in area. The rest of the kitchen’s cabinets are a warm off-white, making this otherwise understated color stand out a bit more.

a dark blue indigo island works like a piece of furniture in this open concept kitchen

By contrast, there’s nothing subtle about this deep indigo blue our client chose as the base for their expansive kitchen island. But once again, the other elements in the kitchen are light and bright which keeps this color from being overwhelming. It also helps that this kitchen is wide open to the dining and living rooms, so the color is not enclosed in one space. The indigo blends into the home’s other decor more like a piece of accent furniture than kitchen cabinetry. We also love the way the brass hardware plays on the dark blue while tying into the pendant lighting above.

a dark mahogany island anchors the kitchen and plays on the other dark design details

It’s also worth mentioning that traditional wood tones have come back into the kitchen, especially as the base for islands or seating areas. This deep mahogany island anchors the room and ties in to the custom copper hood and darker chandelier pendants. Lighter granite countertops keep the island from feeling obtrusive and light barstools add another layer of visual interest.

While we will always love the look of clean, white cabinetry, we are excited to see clients embracing color in new and unique ways – whether that’s on their walls, floors, tile or their kitchen cabinets.


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