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Touch v Touchless Faucets

You’ve probably heard or seen about the newer, more advanced kitchen faucets on the market. Delta Faucet was the first to introduce the world to the “touch faucet” back in 2008 – a faucet that you can turn on and off with a simple tap. Since then, many other companies have joined Delta in providing […]

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Fall in Love With Your Home This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day around the corner, you’re bound to hear the word “LOVE” quite a bit. But one of the most popular evergreen sayings, “Home is where the heart is” rings true now as much as in years past. So, regardless of whether you’re starting the journey or you’ve arrived at the home of your […]

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Countertop Culture: how to determine what material is best for you

Remember when countertops were either laminate or granite? Well those days are long gone. Today’s countertops might include engineered seamless stone, concrete, metal, wood and just about anything else you can dream up. But not all surfaces work for all purposes. For hardworking countertops, material is a critical choice. Nearly every material will require a […]

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2018 Tile Design Trends

Tile is one building material that is constantly changing – whether it’s the material itself, the color, shape, finish or use, tile trends can keep any designer and builder on their toes. We do a lot of kitchen and bathroom renovations, which means tile is something we deal with very often. Lately we have noticed […]

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The Kitchen Island 

Creating Your Custom Workspace The kitchen island has gone from an added perk to a necessity for many homeowners in the past decade. Kitchen islands can serve so many purposes and they are no longer just a block of cabinetry with a solid countertop. Island design and functionality have evolved so that they have become […]

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Custom Range Hoods: Design Inspiration

Ventilate with style Good design is often in the unexpected. In the kitchen – a room full of necessary, utilitarian features, the most remarkable design details do double duty. Take for instance the range hood – a necessary piece of machinery and ductwork that funnels hot air, steam and smoke out of your kitchen. It […]

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Cabinetry Colors: Beyond the Pale

For the past several years the trend in home cabinetry has been fairly monochromatic. Nearly every kitchen renovation included white cabinetry and often light stone countertops and tile backsplashes. This is a clean, beautiful look and it holds up well over time, especially when more traditional hardware and tile are chosen. But this look just […]

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Kitchen Renovation Tips and Trends for 2016

Over the holiday season, you probably used your kitchen a lot to cook big, family dinners, host parties or make batches of cookies with the kids. You may have also realized during this time that your kitchen just isn’t working for you anymore. Whether it’s gotten too small, too out of date or it’s just […]

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Timeless Appeal of a Farmhouse Sink

While they originated in butler’s pantries of 17th century England, the farmhouse sink style that is seeing a resurgence in modern kitchens really gained popularity in 19th century France. The country that is aworld-class manufacturer of porcelain was the first to develop the functionally elegant sinks seen in many kitchen remodels today. Also called apron-front sinks, […]

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