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2017 Lighting Design Trends

Lighting design is a rapidly changing industry with new trends appearing quicker than almost any other aspect of interior design. That being said, lighting is one things that can most easily date a home. Fortunately it is also one of the easiest things to update. If your home needs a refresh or you’re starting from […]

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High-End Pool Design Trends

With temperatures heating up and summer in full swing, what better time to consider remodeling and upgrading your outdoor spaces or incorporating something into your new construction project to extend your living space outdoors? Integrated Hot Tubs   Rather than having a separate hot tub away from your swimming pool, consider an attachment hot tub […]

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2017 High-End Home Design Trends

Every year brings with it new design trends for the home, and 2017 is no exception. But while the DIY craze is in full force, high-end consumers are looking for something a little different. Home trends for luxury home buyers lean toward helpful, time-saving, features as well as ways to enjoy recreation in a home all […]

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Crafting the Perfect Wine Cellar

Wine Cellars are the latest trend in luxury custom construction and renovation. We’ve done several custom wine cellars for our clients, some the size of a closet or cabinet all the way to full rooms with tasting bars and inventory systems. But creating a wine cellar isn’t as simple as setting aside a room and […]

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Holiday High Design: How to incorporate holiday decor to match your home’s style

Holiday decorations can be exciting or overwhelming, nostalgic or nauseating. Much of this depends on how overboard you allow yourself to go, but some of it depends on whether or not your decorations help show off your home’s decor rather than clashing with it. While reds and greens are the traditional palette, it’s not one […]

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How to Live in Your House During a Renovation

(Without Going Crazy) It seems early, but it really never is too early to start thinking about the holidays: decorations, parties and family staying for extended visits. All of those things may have you stressing about not having enough space, or your space just not working for you anymore. It could be time for an […]

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Top Tips to Create a Restful Master Bedroom Retreat

Your Master Bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It’s where you retreat from your day, where you get a good night’s rest and maybe even enjoy a long bath or read a book to settle down. According to the National Sleep Foundation, people who report having excellent health and quality of life […]

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