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Staying Home While Staying Fit: Tips for Creating Your Own Home Gym 

Whether you’re looking for motivation to start an exercise routine or just want an easier and more convenient way to work out that doesn’t require leaving your home, a private home gym may be the answer. Creating your own gym means you can customize the equipment, layout, look and feel to your liking. When you enjoy the space itself, and you’re not waiting around for someone else to finish up with your favorite machine, then working out becomes less of a chore and more of a retreat. However, everyone’s home gym needs are different; it’s not just a matter of throwing a treadmill into the corner of the guest bedroom. So if you really want a space where you can get fit and feel your best, here are our tips for creating the ideal home gym.

A Home Gym Needs ample and enjoyable space
Home Gym

Whether it’s for the equipment you want or floor space for the activities you like to do, make sure you have enough space to stretch out. A room over the garage, a basement or unused bedroom are great places to start looking for extra space. Space that is completely dedicated to working out means you’ll be able to stay focused. It also means you’re more likely to actually work out if you have a designated room just for that.

Consider form and function

Home Gym

Take some effort to make the space look and feel nice. Paint the walls a fresh color. Update your lighting or install a ceiling fan. Put up some inspiring artwork. Install mirrors in strategic places to keep an eye on your form. Depending on what you plan on doing in the space, you may want to add a wall-mounted TV or projector screen so you can catch up on the news or even watch a movie while you run. If the space is for quiet yoga and meditation, install low lighting, lamps or flameless candles to set the mood for relaxation. You might want to include an essential oil diffuser. The more comfortable you feel in your home gym, the more likely you will be to spend time in there getting fit.

Keep everything convenientHome Gym

Whatever you may need during a workout, give it a designated space in your gym. That might mean putting in a minifridge so there’s cold water nearby all the time. Or it may just mean moving all your exercise equipment from the garage or various places in the house into this one space. Find a piece of furniture to hold towels, mats, yoga blocks, exercise bands and other small workout items. When everything is right where you need it, you won’t be tempted to wander off to look for something and potentially never make it back to your workout!

Consider your flooring

Generally you’ll want some sort of hard surface for the floors, and these days there are all kinds of materials that are especially made for gyms. Some of these materials are rubber based so they have some give and are easier on your joints when you’re doing yoga or aerobics. Also consider what will hold up to the weight and friction of any equipment you may be putting in the room.

Don’t forget about your music

An excellent audio system keeps working out from feeling like work. Wall-mounted surround sound speakers keep floor space clear. If that isn’t possible, invest in a good bluetooth speaker that you can connect your smartphone to and turn on your favorite playlist. Whatever keeps you motivated and having fun.

Hit the showers

If at all possible, having a bathroom with a shower in or adjacent to your home gym is an excellent idea. When your workout is over, you can rinse off and get on with your day, without dragging yourself (and your sweat) through the rest of the house. A refreshing cool shower is the perfect way to end an invigorating workout.