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Custom Range Hoods: Design Inspiration

Ventilate with style

Good design is often in the unexpected. In the kitchen – a room full of necessary, utilitarian features, the most remarkable design details do double duty.

Take for instance the metal range hood – a necessary piece of machinery and ductwork that funnels hot air, steam and smoke out of your kitchen. It is often overlooked as a possible place for custom design work, but as commercial and high-end ranges become more popular, so should the hoods above them. In fact, when done well they can become the surprising centerpiece of your kitchen.

Our clients and their designers have dreamed up some stunning hoods that we believe showcase some of the best custom metal range hoods options for your next kitchen renovation or build out.

Dark Details

dark copper colored range hood brings depth to this kitchen by James River Construction

For this client’s kitchen renovation, a copper-colored hood was created that stands out against the white cabinetry around it. What keeps it from looking out of place is how it ties perfectly into the colors of the island, light fixtures and even the copper farmhouse and undermount sinks.

The copper colored range hood coordinated nicely with other details in this kitchen by James River Construction

The traditional design with crown molding and cornices plays off the style of the cabinets, while also pulling your eye upward, making the room appear larger and spacious. Other dark copper design elements such as the metalwork over the window, tile backsplash behind the range and rubbed bronze hardware help pull all of the elements together for a cohesive, yet eye-catching look.

Heavy Metal

this industrial metal range hood fits in nicely to this open concept industrial kitchen by James River Construction

Most people might be a little intimidated by a range hood that looks like it could have come off the side of an airstream trailer, but this client had a vision and they pulled it off perfectly. Avoiding matchy-matchy design details, this kitchen incorporates brass fixtures, stainless steel appliances, a riveted steel range hood, and indigo-blue island cabinetry. The look is pulled off with understated white cabinets, backsplash and countertops.

Industrial design and pops of color work in this open concept modern kitchen by James River Construction

The end result is a totally unique kitchen that exemplifies our client’s taste and lifestyle. Sometimes taking a little bit of a leap can have a big payoff in a wide open space like this. As the kitchen is completely open to the dining and living areas, a large metal hood doesn’t feel overwhelming and helps pull your eye in, breaking up the otherwise white horizontal space.

Understated Elegance

A sleek custom metal range hood blends in nicely with this elegant but understated kitchen by James River Construction

While stainless steel like the last hood, this sleek custom design has a completely different feel. Minimal and flush with the cabinetry, it blends in with the gray tile backsplash and the shape of the light fixtures.

A light, airy look is achieved in this small kitchen with monochromatic color schemes and open, geometric lighting by James River Construction

As the space isn’t terribly large, this range hood adds the right amount of design, while keeping the area bright and airy. The openness of the fixtures have a similar effect and looking down the kitchen island through them, the range hood is a geometrically balanced focal point.

As you plan out your next kitchen update, renovation or build-out, consider what areas can do double duty with unexpected design. Custom range hoods are a perfect place to combine form and function in your kitchen, while creating a unique centerpiece that helps express your style.

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