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Design Trend: Soaker Tubs

Are soaker tubs the new Jacuzzi?

Why the age-old design is back in a big way.

When we think of modern, luxurious homes, we tend to think clean lines and open concepts. This trend has inspired countless designers and homeowners to knock down dividing walls in order to achieve a more peaceful, clutter-free look. With that in mind, it only makes sense that this open, minimalist style make its way toward the room where one can experience peak relaxation and solitude – the master bathroom.

Porcelain soaker tub with chrome hardware by James River Construction

Larger, built-in Jacuzzi tubs with jets galore have begun to go by the wayside. Combination bathtubs and showers, while functional, are also beginning to be dated, especially in a master bath. The boxed-in look of these two options can set a modern home back a decade while doing nothing to utilize square footage. Additionally, the maintenance of a Jacuzzi and the difficulty in even reaching its plumbing is turning some homeowners (and buyers) toward a more simple alternative.

modern soaker tub in front of picture window by james river construction

More and more lately, we have been working with the classic, stand-alone soaking tub. But unlike the stereotypical ball and clawfoot, today’s soaker tubs have stylishly simple silhouettes that can be found in an expansive variety to fit any taste. Whether you’re drawn to a vintage-inspired look with curved metal hardware and coiled handheld sprayers, or a an uber-mod asymmetrical look that gives the same appeal of a lavish day spa — you can rest assured that a stand-alone tub will take a master bath from old-school to on-trend chic.

traditional soaker tub with chrome hardware and picture windows by james river construction

Materials for these sought-after soaker tubs range from heavy duty cast iron to acrylic and fiberglass, and even copper and stainless steel. Each material has various benefits, but all are durable and long-lasting, so the decision is solely personal preference and style. No matter what look you go with, the allotted space and placement are key to truly pulling off the modern, zen look and feel. A sizeable open area is essential and if possible, a big picture window with a pleasant view will help achieve the ultimate sanctuary for your evening candle lit bath.

soaking tub inside glass shower with marble floor and chandelier by james river construction

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