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Employee Spotlight: Ann Gooch

Ann GoochIf you’ve ever worked with James River Construction and enjoyed the process that may be because of employees like Ann Gooch. As our production and marketing account executive, Ann’s days are spent working on process enhancements, streamlining every step to be easier and more pleasant for our clients and our staff. With years of background from all angles of the construction industry, Ann brings a wealth of knowledge, passion and talent to our team.

From 2005 to 2010 Ann and her husband ran their own small construction company, giving her the experience needed to make each step of the process as efficient and positive as possible. She also spent seven years working at Lowe’s in areas including Pro-sales/Contractor Services, Flooring, Customer Service and more. After her time at Lowe’s she spent some time with Morris Tile Distributors, helping to coordinate client selections to contractor sales. All of these experiences have given her the perspective of nearly everyone along the construction process line.

“I truly enjoy looking at processes as a whole and taking them apart to see if they can be made better or done differently. Although sometimes this can be time consuming and a bit frustrating, I take it as a personal challenge to make things work to the best of their abilities or create new processes when necessary.”

Like most of us in the construction industry, Ann loves watching something go from dream to reality. “The world of construction sets my imagination on fire with ideas of what can be and how to make it happen,” she says. For this reason, she loves being on-site on our projects as much as she enjoys time spent in the office, helping us become a well-oiled machine.

With her breadth of experience, Ann knows what makes a successful company in our industry. “The people! Our team has done an amazing job of creating a culture that invites the best people to come work with us. A culture that empowers us all to do what is right, to say yes for our clients wherever possible, to be compassionate, to help each other and most importantly to put our families first.”

When it comes to family, Ann is a dedicated mother and wife. Her time is spent between her 12 year old son’s travel baseball and her four year old daughter’s love of barbies, dress up and crafting. She says she wouldn’t have it any other way. On the weekends you’ll find her family and their 7-year old adopted Llewellin Setter, Milo, at their camp spot on the river, swimming in the summer and fishing in the fall and winter. Around Richmond, you’ll find Ann enjoying a meal at Sticky Rice or digging through vintage pieces at the area’s local Goodwill stores.

We’re thrilled to have Ann Gooch as a part of the JRC team, and if you ever work with us, we know you will be too.