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Employee Spotlight: Field Witt

Field Witt

Meet Field Witt, one of our newer team members and JRC’s Account Executive in charge of Selections.

In this role, Field has the honor of guiding our clients and their designers through the decision making process for all their project’s beautiful, custom finishes.

And in a just as, if not more, important role, she coordinates with both our Sales & Production Teams to ensure everyone has the correct information well in advance of needing it.

A Richmond Story

Field grew up in Richmond, went to school in Richmond, and lives in Richmond to this day.

She lived in the Short Pump area before all the roads were paved, and recalls heading out on a dirt road in Short Pump one cold night in December many years ago, to cut down a Christmas tree… the old fashioned way.

According to Field, “Richmond’s growth is crazy!” Although she spent some time in Northern VA, she missed her friends and family here in RVA and moved back before long. While many things continue to grow and change here locally, the sense of community, family and pride here in Richmond will seemingly never change…all of which Field is very familiar.

Field Witt On the Job

Field has always been a selection coordinator – which is where her experience and eye for design comes from. Her best friend’s dad in college was the Vice President of a construction company, and his wife was the Selections Coordinator. Field helped her with selections while earning her degree, and eagerly came back to work with them after she graduated. After eight years, she moved and began working with a bigger (more production style) builder out of NOVA.

The production style of building wasn’t the best fit for Field, who yearned for the more personal, hands-on connections she developed while working and living in Richmond. With that in mind, she left her career in NOVA and moved back to Richmond, eventually finding her way to back to the “custom” side of home building and renovations…her true passion.

Like many journeys, Field’s path to James River Construction helped frame her perspective and approach. Her experience, keen sense of style, and product/industry insights are invaluable to her teammates and our clients.

A Unique Perspective On The Building Industry

After working in many similar roles for both small and larger builders, Field’s perspective on how the home renovation, remodeling and home building industry continues to evolve is unique while right in line with how we feel…

“Everyone is more savvy. People can get on Pinterest and Houzz, search online, or watch shows on HGTV now to give them a better idea of what they like. Clients have a more defined focus early on in the process… but they still need a lot of guidance. Most buyers just want to know they are making a smart decision with their selections, and that they’ve researched the options and understand the options as best as possible. That’s where I come in!” says, Field

So while some things change, some remain constant and clients needing reassurance from a trusted expert, like Field, is one of them.

Field Witt Off The Clock

When she’s not researching and helping clients during the week, Field dedicates much of her time to her 8 year-old son, who’s already showing his zeal for athletics. He plays organized basketball, football, and swims competitively, along with a ton of other sports. That athleticism must be in the genes, because Field, a junior Olympian, was quite the athlete herself.

When not watching her little man dominate his competition, she likes to relax with her family in their vacation home on the Potomac River. She regularly walks the beaches, searching for arrowheads and spearheads.

She is also a proud, long-time supporter of the American Cancer Society, in memory of her father.

Speaking of proud… we’re proud to have Field Witt as a part of our team. Thank you Field for all you do.

If we have the honor of working with you on a home renovation or remodeling project, we can’t wait to introduce you to Field, in person.