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Getting Your Home Back-to-School Ready

As kids in the Richmond area and across Virginia prepare to go back to school next week, one of the big concerns on their minds as well as parents’ is homework.

No matter what grade your child is entering, they are likely to come home with some sort of work or studying to do. One of the best ways to facilitate good homework and study habits is to have a place in your home where those tasks can be easily completed.

BrightHorizons.com says, “Creating a homework space sends the message that you believe homework is important. For younger children especially, find a space where it is easy for you to be close-by and provide homework help. This could be a corner of the kitchen table where your child works while you clean-up from dinner with supplies kept in a reachable kitchen cabinet and taken out or put away as needed.”

We have created spaces just like the one described above for numerous clients. These spaces are usually built into or adjacent to the kitchen, which is the perfect place for kids to get their work done while you cook, clean or do your own “homework”!

Homework ready work station built into kitchen

This kitchen renovation made tons of space for a work space that’s perfect for adults and kids to get stuff done.

You don’t have to have a huge kitchen to carve out this space and the space itself doesn’t have to be large either. A small countertop with enough room for a computer and some papers as well as some drawers for supplies are all you need to create a productive homework spot.

small desk space built into kitchen

This work space packs a lot of punch into a small space.

Eat-in kitchens and kitchen peninsulas are another great spot for kids to get homework done while staying close by. Designate a drawer or cabinet near the bar-top or table for homework supplies like pens, pencils, highlighters, paper, art supplies and more. If you’re renovating or building a new kitchen, consider putting in flush-mounted or pop-up outlets near the bar or even USB charging outlets for mobile devices.

A kitchen peninsula can work as a great study space for kids

The peninsula bar in this open-concept kitchen works equally well for entertaining or helping kids with homework while you cook.

If you’re looking to keep homework and all of its necessary supplies out of your cooking space, then setting up a “kids’ office” can work just as well. Giving kids a designated space in the house to be productive may motivate them (or at least gently encourage them) to get their work done. A small table with nearby storage is all that’s needed. Add art to inspire but limit screens and TVs to keep kids focused.

Give kids a specific spot in the house to complete their homework

This client used a corner of their sunroom addition for kids to do homework, play games or create art.

Whatever the solution is in your house for productive homework time, we encourage you to create a space where your kids can focus, feel comfortable, have easy access to supplies they need and maybe even be inspired. Happy back to school!

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