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Great Garages

A garage doesn’t have to just be a place to park your car or store your stuff.

Great Garages by James River Construction

It can be an enjoyable, organized, even beautiful part of the home. Lately, luxury garages have been a big trend in home construction and renovation. We’ve had the privilege of working on several clients’ garages that have incorporated elements that are worth considering for your garage upgrade.

Increased Storage

Sometimes the size of your lot or garage space simply doesn’t allot for all the cars, vehicles or toys you want to keep inside it. In this case, a car lift can add a lot of storage and parking space. Put recreational items or lighter toys such as golf carts, ATV’s or motorcycles on the lift while you park your everyday cars underneath.

James River Construction Great Garages Car Lift Storage
Don’t waste overhead space in your garage. Adding a second floor loft space can give you lots of additional square footage while still leaving overhead space for storage or lifts underneath and to the side. The loft can be accessed by pull-down stairs to save space on a staircase.

James River Construction Great Garages Storage Loft

Storage is critical in any garage, so choose your storage options wisely. Movable cabinetry that can be customized to your needs, but is tough and durable are great options – especially for a handyman garage. Storage cabinets can be topped with counters to give you plenty of work space.

James River Construction Great Garages Cabinet Storage Options

Custom and Specialized Flooring

The flooring in a garage can be just as important as the inside of your home. Safe, durable surfaces take precedence over eye-catching hardwood or tile, but design doesn’t have to go out the window.

In this garage, a flooring called Swisstrax was used. It’s an extremely durable and slip resistant material that’s used in professional garages as well as personal homes. This 100% post-consumer recycled material is also eco-friendly. In addition, the tiles can be patterned and come in different colors to give your garage the race-ready look you’re going for.

James River Construction Great Garages Flooring Swiss Tracks
Do you love your car company, car model, motorcycle or even your favorite race car driver or football team? Then a custom epoxy painted floor may be what your garage needs. These floors look amazing, but also stand up to recreational use of pulling cars in and out when needed. They probably aren’t where you’ll be changing your oil, but it’s a great way to show off your car-pride.

James River Construction Great Garages Painted Garage Floor
If safety is the most important thing to you in your garage flooring and you’ll be doing a lot of work in your space that might get slippery, then a non-slip epoxy floor is the way to go. Epoxy can be stained many different colors to suite your style, but the results are the same, skid free durability.

Special Electric

Before you renovate or build your garage, take some time to discuss the electrical options with your contractor. You will want to make sure there are enough outlets, enough capacity in your electrical system for everything you want to run, and you may also want to discuss specialized systems such as low-profile garage door openers.

James River Construction Great Garages Side Mount Opener

Side-mount, low-profile garage door openers give you more overhead space in your garage. The lift sits closer to the ceiling of the garage and the opener is mounted to the side of the wall, rather than the ceiling. This is particularly useful if you’re considering a lift or large equipment.

Another thing to consider in your garage is the lighting. Recessed lighting is the best option in garages as it’s out of the way, you can put in as much as you’d like and you don’t have to worry about cleaning them. Give yourself lots of light to show off your toys or complete your next project.

James River Construction Great Garages Recessed Lighting

Luxury Additions

Looking for more luxury in your garage? How about a full bath? Clean off in your garage en suite so you don’t track any grease or sawdust inside.

James River Construction Great Garages Full Bathroom
And while you’re at it, why not finish off the whole second floor of your garage to double as your man cave? This finished garage’s second floor includes a kitchen, a pool table and lounge area.

James River Construction Great Garages Man Cave
You may never leave your garage again!

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