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High-End Pool Design Trends

With temperatures heating up and summer in full swing, what better time to consider remodeling and upgrading your outdoor spaces or incorporating something into your new construction project to extend your living space outdoors?

Integrated Hot Tubs

This James River Construction client integrated their hot tub into their pool with a tiered waterfall feature.


Rather than having a separate hot tub away from your swimming pool, consider an attachment hot tub that can be seamlessly attached to your pool. Not only are they practical but they are more visually appealing and integrate with your existing pool system.

An elevated hot tub will provide a view of the pool and backyard landscape along with multiple entries. Contrastingly, sunken hot tubs with pool spillover add visual interest to your pool design.

If combining your hot into your pool design isn’t an option or your preference, a hot tub and gazebo combination makes a bold and eye-catching addition to any backyard landscape. It draws attention to your spa and also provides shelter from the sun as well as outdoor debris such as falling leaves, rain and other outdoor elements providing more year-round usability.

Water Features

This sleek and simple waterfall brings soothing noise to a poolscape.

Some of the most popular additions to pool designs include the integration of more water. Whether it’s a fountain, waterfall, or an infinity edge, the options are seemingly endless and limited only by imagination.

From a gently bubbling fountain to one that makes a big splash, both help keep your pool clean and provide a sound shield. Fountains that intermittently squirt, added to a zero-entry area, will provide fun and entertainment for little ones. Water misters look great and provide refreshment, while foaming fountains mix water and air to create a frothy effect that could be considered a form of art. Classic fountains, such as those with a water source coming from an antique urn or statue, also make a great visual impact.

A natural stone waterfall makes a big impact in this pool and the landscape.

Waterfalls are also an elegant design element that can take your outdoor setting to the next level. Sleek sheets of water falling over granite platforms can offer a private area for swimmers where other versions with splashing cascades off man made  or natural rocks create a stunning visual display.

An infinity edge can create a dramatic, resort-style view

Infinity edges are great for pools with a view or pools on an elevated area. Eliminating the hard edge of a pool can make it appear larger and will make your backyard feel like a true resort getaway.

Zero Entry

This pool installed for a James River Construction client features a beach style zero entry – perfect for kids or sunbathing.

A zero-entry swimming pool, otherwise known as a beach entry pool, has an edge or entry that gradually slopes from the pool deck into the water, getting deeper with each step, much like a natural beach. A favorite feature of the beach entry pool is the ability to sunbathe in the shallow area with partial submersion.

The shallow end provided by the beach entry allows children to have an area to play and splash without having to worry about them being in water that is too deep. The absence of stairs also helps make the pool more accessible for those with limited mobility.


This pool combines tile and built-in loungers to create the perfect sunbathing spot

Incorporating tile into your pool design creates visual interest and adds personality. The durability of tile also makes it an ideal choice for outdoor applications. Glass tile is a prime choice for pools. With a variety of vibrant, translucent color options, combined with a durable surface, it’s ideal for outdoor surfaces exposed to water.

Take your pool’s decor scheme to the next level by adding mosaic tile to the pool floor. Design options are limitless and you can go chic and simple to complex and grandiose depending on your style and taste.

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