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Holiday High Design: How to incorporate holiday decor to match your home’s style


Holiday decorations can be exciting or overwhelming, nostalgic or nauseating.

Much of this depends on how overboard you allow yourself to go, but some of it depends on whether or not your decorations help show off your home’s decor rather than clashing with it. While reds and greens are the traditional palette, it’s not one that works well in a lot of homes. This year buck tradition and go your own way. Use our advice below to choose decorations and a palette that works with your own personal style. Even Santa needs a makeover every once in awhile . . .

Pair the color palette to your home
There is no Christmas police that will ticket you for not adhering to green and red. Many Christmas decorations now embrace alternative color palettes including metallics, whites and blues. Choose decorations that fit into your home’s style, rather than standing out. This will create a look that’s sophisticated, not forced.

Embrace nature
If you’re a naturalist and bright, plastic holiday decorations give you a headache, then look to seasonal southern plant life for inspiration. Evergreen wreaths with simple ribbon, or magnolia leaves wrapped around pillar candles are festive without being too fluffy. Pin pinecones to an evergreen wreath or paint them shades of green and gold, set them in a small terracotta pot and create an Evergreen forest. Potted rosemary will bring in holiday scents and sights or set them on the front porch for a warm and aromatic welcome.

Use what you have
If you’re the kind of person for whom everything in your home has a place, and moving things around makes you a little twitchy, there’s still a way to decorate without losing your mind. Add small holiday touches to your existing decor for a festive update. A few sprigs of greenery added to an existing centerpiece can go a long way. Holiday bows added to wreaths, candleholders or chair backs brighten things up without overwhelming a space. Purchase Christmas pillow covers to put overtop of your current throw pillows without messing up their arrangement.

Think outside the tree
Lately the traditional evergreen Christmas tree has been overshadowed by tree alternatives. Everything from simply stringing lights on the wall in the abstract shape of a tree to creating trees with concentric circles of wine bottles has popped up online and in decorating magazines. (A quick Pinterest search will turn up more ideas than you’ll know what to do with) If decorating the tree is a part of the holiday hubbub that stresses you out, you might want to try one of these ideas. Wall-mounted trees use everything from string lights to PVC pipes to trinkets arranged into a triangular shape. Visually interesting, these tree alternatives also save floor space – which means more room for presents!

Merry Modern
Christmas, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah decor doesn’t have to be traditional. If your style is more modern, then go with that sensibility for your decorations as well. Simplify the tree, perhaps using a tree alternative listed above. Or bring in a natural tree, light it up with simple LED lights and no ornaments so you can just enjoy the beauty of the tree itself. There are beautiful, simple and modern menorahs on the market today or make it hyper-modern with 9 white pillar candles lined up across a mantle. Tone down the color palette to a muted white and metallic ensemble or go the opposite way if your taste prefers and choose decor that’s bright and punchy.

Just keep in mind – there is no Holiday Police Crime Unit. You (and your home) deserve to celebrate the holidays in a way that makes you happy, comfortable and stylish.

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