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It’s Man Cave Season

Like our ancestors before us, and like most reasonable species in existence, winter is the time for us to hibernate.

Although humans no longer lie down for a three month nap, we do find ourselves spending more time inside, relaxing and resting during the winter months. That makes winter the ideal time to invest in the perfect “man cave.” Man Caves have gone from dingy basement hangouts to over-the-top entertainment and play areas. Although the term is gender specific, in reality Man Caves are spaces for the whole family to kick back and relax without worrying about whether the room is pristine. They’re places to watch your favorite team, play a game, have a drink, work out or all of the above.

Creating and curating the perfect man cave will be different for everyone, depending on what you want the room to do or to feel like. But at the end of the day, the goal of every man cave is to create a space to relax, hang out and enjoy the great indoors.

Although everyone’s man cave will be different, here are a few ideas we think are worth considering when creating your ideal hibernation space:

Watch the Game; Play the Game
There’s no doubt your man cave will have a flat screen TV of some impressive size and aptitude, but don’t just watch the game – play the game. Outfit your man cave with a ping pong or pool table to keep guests entertained between plays. If space is an issues, a high-quality dart board (traditional or electronic) can work in nearly any room. Want to really impress your fantasy football friends? In-home Skee Ball machines are a thing now, and Skee Ball leagues are even popping up in the northwest and elsewhere.

Man Cave Season

Design by Jennifer Croston


Kids vs. Adults
Since a man cave is, in most cases, a space the whole family can and will enjoy, it’s a good idea to create separate spaces for kids and adults so that each group can enjoy the space to its fullest potential. A comfortable sitting area and bar for the adults can be enjoyed while the kids make use of a play space, ping pong table, game console or arts and crafts table. Separate sitting areas or a kids’ sized table for the little ones will help keep everyone out of each other’s way, while still enjoying the space together.

Man Cave Season

A space for the kids, and a space for the adults.


Pour Yourself a Drink
A bar might be the second most important part of a man cave, after the TV. A well-stocked bar can reverse the effects of a losing score or poorly played game. If you have room, consider a full blown built-in wet bar. Having a sink, a small refrigerator and an ice maker will make a huge difference in how easy it is to keep everyone’s drink full. If you don’t have space for a full bar, bar carts are all the rage right now and easy to find. A stylish cart can be stocked with essential bar tools, a few bottles of liquor, an ice bucket full of beers and critical mixers.

Man Cave Season

A mini kitchen keeps everything handy.

A full bar complete with wine fridge, sink and of course - a TV.

A full bar complete with dual wine fridges, kegerator, sink and of course – a TV. Design by Jennifer Croston.

Soundproof and Party On. 
One of the most important thing you can do when constructing your man cave is to make sure it’s as soundproof as possible, especially if you have young kids or a spouse who likes to go to sleep early or just doesn’t want to hear you yelling at your team during the playoffs. High quality insulation and building materials can help, so talk to your contractor about your options. Soundproofing a room means you can keep that game going, even after bedtime has come and gone.

Surround Yourself in Sound.
There’s no point in soundproofing your man cave if you don’t have an amazing sound system to make it worthwhile. Sound systems come in a variety of price points that are great for all budgets, but do some research before you buy. Sound equipment quality can vary greatly, so make sure you get the biggest (and loudest) bang for your buck. Choosing sound equipment prior to any construction is ideal so that your contractor can wire the room appropriately and maybe even install the equipment for you. Make sure you purchase enough speakers for the size of the room. Built-in speakers are also available that can be recessed directly into the walls or ceiling for a clean look.

Garage Goods
Some man caves will necessarily be in the garage for lack of another space inside the house. Other man caves begin purposefully in the garage – creating entire, high-end spaces that revolve around working on, enjoying and admiring cars. Custom flooring options and sleek storage have made garages more stylish than ever. A detached garage with a second floor is the perfect opportunity to create a space that’s part auto body shop, part man cave, with relaxation space upstairs and work space downstairs. Add a full or half bath and you may never need to go back inside your house again.

Man Cave Season

This man cave garage includes a loft for hanging out and relaxing.


This winter, don’t just go into hibernation – make the most of your time indoors by decking out that man cave you’ve always wanted and that everyone in the family can enjoy.

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