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Luxury Laundry Rooms

Laundry doesn’t have to be a chore if you do it in a space with style.

Recent design trends in laundry rooms have made washing and drying more delightful than previous generations ever could have imagined.

This trend toward high-end finishes and appliances in a utilitarian space isn’t really that unusual. Consider the kitchen – once hidden in the back of the house, boxed in so that no one had to see the cooking, or worse – the dirty dishes, while they dined. Finishes were simple and functional, spaces just large enough to work efficiently. Fast forward to today’s open-concept kitchens in which every appliance and finish is on display and where technology and design have made cooking an event rather than a requirement.

It makes sense to make the spaces where you have to do some of the most repetitive and mundane tasks as pleasant as possible. So if you’re ready to upgrade your daily routine, here are our recommendations for creating your own luxury laundry room.

Make the space

make the space for your luxury laundry room by James River Construction

One of the most simple but critical aspects of a luxurious laundry space is actually having space. If you’re renovating or building, ensure that enough square footage is set aside for the laundry and utility area. Having a wide path to work in, enough space for storage, plumbing and work areas will make the entire experience more enjoyable.

Storage is key

storage is key for a luxury laundry room by James River Construction

It’s not just about having lots of storage, but about having the right kind of storage. Plenty of cabinetry is great, but having alternative storage options like baskets, laundry sorters, drawers, and shelves will accomodate all of those little items like lint rollers, stain removers, and dryer balls that otherwise get lost in a big cabinet. In this client’s home, custom cabinetry was designed to stow baskets so they didn’t clutter up shelves and work spaces, but were still easily accessible.

Include some art

add some art to your luxury laundry room by James River Construction

There’s no rule that says laundry rooms aren’t deserving of art. Whether it’s framed family photos on the wall or on a shelf, or a piece of original fine art – if it makes you happy when you see it, then you should feel free to incorporate it into the space. You can also use the walls themselves as art by installing a fun wallpaper or material such as the raw shiplap this client used. This is a nice way to have a pop of color or texture in your home without having to fully commit to it in a larger or more public space.

Form and function

farmhouse sink and brushed nickel hardware in this luxury laundry room by James River Construction

Utility and laundry sinks have generally been unsightly industrial metal or even plastic eyesores. They get the job done, but certainly don’t make it fun. A deep farmhouse sink serves the same purpose, but with so much more style. A large, high brushed nickel faucet and sprayer have all the function you need to pre-wash or treat clothes, rinse the dirt off a pair of boots or occasionally wash a small dog or child. Keep soap, stain remover, sponges and towels close at hand for quick and efficient clean up.

Design details

use luxury materials like marble in your laundry room by James River Construction

Materials make all the difference in a small space like a laundry room. Get the most out of the few square feet you have by choosing high-end materials. Even if marble countertops are not affordable in every kitchen and bathroom in your home, the few linear feet needed for your laundry work space may be surprisingly affordable. Durable hardware is critical for utility spaces, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Here our client chose matte black handles and pulls which hide fingerprints and dirt and clean off easily. They coordinated them with black wire baskets hung above the washer and dryer as well as other dark details in the artwork and hampers for a cohesive look.

At James River Construction we like to say that we build more than better living spaces – we build spaces for better living. The simple upgrades in this laundry room created a space for better living – one that encourages joy and delight in a daily routine.

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