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Employee Spotlight: Matt Martin

Like many of our humble and hardworking crew, Matt Martin does not particularly enjoy talking about himself.

He would much prefer to focus on his work, his family and his passions.

Matt MartinThat being said, he has an interesting story nonetheless. Matt is a man of many talents, and he’s one of our top producing managers.

Matt grew up in Waynesboro and enjoyed a very normal childhood. From an early age, he picked up a knack for problem solving, through working on cars with many of the men in his family. His uncle owned a body shop nearby, so his whole family grew up building cars. From classic trucks to motorcycles, street trucks, off road trucks, Harley’s and choppers… if it had tires and an engine, the Martin’s knew how to work on it.

Matt’s passion for this type of problem solving led him from Waynesboro to Richmond, where he attended VCU. During his time at VCU, his coworker set him up on a date with Ali, which turned out to be his “soon-to-be” wife. After school, he started a residential construction company. James River Construction found him through a partner’s recommendation, and that, as they say, was that. His diversity of experience and knowledge in his past business proves valuable each and every day at James River Construction.

He settled in the Midlothian area, where he and his wife live with their two boys, August and Emerson. Matt likes Midlothian for a number of reasons; including the nice mix of rural and urban, nice sized yard, convenience of everything, reasonable traffic and friendly folks.

What makes Matt so similar to all of our guys is a commitment to problem solving, a creative mind and a tenacity and persistence to see things through. These traits are best outlined by his recent undertaking of rebuilding a classic Jeep. What started as a neat idea has since turned into a multi-year journey.

Here’s how the Jeep looked when Matt bought it:

As you can see, this bad boy was ripe for some elbow grease. This is a unique undertaking to say the least, as nearly all of the parts on this type of Jeep are no longer available anywhere. That hasn’t slowed Matt down one bit though…!

Here’s how the Jeep looked when Matt was done:

As you can tell, Matt enjoys the more challenging, custom projects for which “easy solutions” don’t really exist. On top of his passion for working under the hood on older cars, he plays guitar, does live-in remodeling flips, and is planning on training a puppy to be his bird/duck hunting partner.

All of these hobbies showcase what he’s all about: leveraging his talents and combining them with hard work.

Like Matt’s old school Jeep, which he hopes to soon complete, we find the most rewarding projects are often the most difficult. Matt’s passion, focus and creativity would be a true asset for any company. We are blessed to call him part of our family.

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