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Trade Partner Spotlight: Morris Tile

If you’ve ever had a home built or have even undergone a home renovation, you know how many parts and pieces go into a project. Those parts and pieces cannot all come together into one beautiful, cohesive result without partnerships. That’s why we choose our trade partners very carefully – we are looking for long-last relationships with companies who share our values and passion for excellence in everything they do.

One of the most important material vendors we work with is our tile provider. From flooring to back splashes to showers and even outdoor materials, tile is an integral part of many projects. But all tile is not created equal and neither are all tile companies.

Since 2002, we have worked closely with Morris Tile, a tile distribution company that has been doing excellent work since 1953 in the Mid Atlantic region. This family-owned company is now in its third generation of ownership. This family atmosphere is why we never have any hesitations about sending our clients to them, as we can always count on a friendly and personable interaction that helps our clients create a design they love and are excited about.

Whit Morris, third generation President at Morris Tile says “Growing up in our business was a lot fun. I know that it sounds cliché, but I really did want to work here my whole life. I even have proof. My mom dug out a survey that I filled out when I was in the first grade that asked what I wanted to do when I grew up and, of course, I answered ‘Work at Morris Tile!’”

While Whit no longer spends his afternoons and weekends skateboarding along the concrete floor of the warehouse like he did as a kid (as far as we know), he does still love being an integral part of the day to day business.


“One of my favorite things about the business is getting to know and work with so many different kinds of fascinating people. My primary role is sales, so I spend most of my time in the field and riding with our reps to call on customers.”
-Whit Morris, President of Morris Tile

Although Whit insists on being in the field and interacting with clients, it’s not because he isn’t surrounded by a great team. About 25% of their staff have been with the company for over 20 years. These long-tenured employees not only provide great leadership for their staff, but also have become a trusted and dependable resource for their customers – whether that’s a building company like us or a homeowner managing their own renovation.

In fact, one of the things Morris Tile is known best for is their expert advice and tips for installation of particularly tricky tile. They know their products well, because they put a lot of thought into the products they sell. Having been in the business for over 60 years, they have built great relationships with great manufacturers. Whit says what they are always looking for is consistency in quality and reliability of supply. They always have a vast selection available to their clients, but each product has been vetted by them or they wouldn’t put it in their showroom.

In addition to providing a wide range of high-quality options, they also take a real focus on sustainable products. The top three manufacturers they source from have extremely high sustainability standards and use GREENGUARD® Certified products. They purchase 80% from domestic suppliers and source environmentally conscious products with 40% recycled material.

They are also committed to being environmentally responsible stewards, and have created an internal culture of sustainability through recycling, repurposing, minimizing waste and reducing unnecessary paper, using LED lighting and increasing water efficiency. You can read more about their commitment to the environment on their website.

Of course, any partnership goes two ways. We try to be good clients of Morris Tile as well, and we believe the longevity of our relationship speaks to that.

“JRC projects run smoothly! They send their homeowners to our selection centers well prepared with the information needed for us to provide the best products to meet their design goals, budget and schedule. Their operations team is well organized and efficient. The tile installers have been prepped to know exactly what the installation will require and have prepared a plan before they come to pick up material.”
-Whit Morris, President of Morris Tile

A big thanks to Morris Tile for 18 years of partnership focused on excellent client service. Our company, our clients and our final products are better for it.