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Life Outside

The Great Outdoors

The outdoor kitchen is one of our favorite trends in years. What’s not to love about the combination of form, function and beauty in such a natural environment?

What began as simply running a gas line to the outdoor grill has quickly evolved into something bigger, bolder and much more enjoyable… a full, outdoor kitchen with refrigerators, sinks, Big Green Eggs© and 60” back-lit custom-made grill. Plus, all the space you need to entertain while you cook in the great outdoors.

A Gathering Place

The kitchen is the heart of your home. When you entertain and cook for friends and guests, the kitchen is where your party gathers. The outdoor kitchen is no exception.

A beautifully designed outdoor kitchen is a natural gathering place for your guests, particularly during the spring, summer and fall here in Richmond.

With a full outdoor kitchen, you can prepare your meal while your guests enjoy the splendor of your home’s well appointed outdoor space.

outdoor wet bar and kitchen

A Growing Trend

So why the sudden surge in outdoor kitchen interest? Here are a few benefits to adding an outdoor kitchen to your home:

  • New outdoor appliance options and a new gathering space… outside.
  • Additional prep and cook space… outside.
  • Convenience and proximity where you’re already spending time… outside.
  • Grilling can be a healthy way to cook…outside. See where we’re going with this?
  • Farm to table (on a smaller scale): If you harvest a garden, there’s nothing quite like grabbing some fresh veggies and herbs straight from your garden and cooking them within minutes, right outside.

Beyond The Basics

It’s no surprise that many homeowners start small when dreaming of an outdoor kitchen, and end up going much further with their build out. It makes total sense. Without the same concerns you have inside your home (smoke, open flames, or making the whole house smell like dinner). You can also install more exotic fixtures for cooking.

The possibilities really are endless. Cooking up the perfect authentic pizza is an amazing and delicious experience in a new outdoor stone oven. Spit roasting meat, making s’mores, and slow roasting some campfire chili is a snap with an outdoor kitchen fire pit. How about that smoker you’ve always wanted? An outdoor kitchen is the perfect spot for it, though it’s still wise to consider how you arrange your appliances. Outdoor ice-makers make cocktail hour that much better and more convenient. When the night comes to an end, clean up is faster and easier with outdoor dishwashers and trash compactors.

Embrace the Pace of the Outdoor Kitchen

Homeowners throughout the country and throughout Richmond are truly embracing a slower pace and a more casual attitude towards cooking. Given the faster pace of life and our constantly connected culture, it’s no wonder outdoor kitchens are catching on in a major way.