Building a separate structure, versus an addition to your home, can make sense in many situations.

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Tiny houses are definitely having a moment in home design, with many people dramatically downsizing in order to live more simply.

However, for most of us, compacting our life into a few hundred square feet isn’t really possible or even desirable. But that doesn’t mean that a smaller, stand alone structure is entirely out of the question.

Our clients have had a wide variety of needs for stand-alone structures on their homes’ properties. Building a separate structure, versus an addition to your home, can make sense in many situations. For starters, it means extra space without disturbing your current living situation. No dusty mess, loud noises or losing access to rooms while they’re under construction. It also allows for long-term privacy and separation, which may be critical depending on the purpose of the space.

The extra space a stand alone structure provides can be used for so many purposes.

A custom structure can be designed to match your home’s architecture so it looks like it’s always been there.

A home office provides the peace and quiet of your own space – with no commute

While there are kits and prefabricated sheds and tiny houses all over the internet, having an experienced contractor build a custom structure will ensure its durability and adherence to your local codes and zoning requirements. Using a licensed builder will also allow you to customize the building to your needs, while having the ability to design something that architecturally and aesthetically works well with your main home.

Anyone who has ever worked from home or run a business out of their house knows how important it is to have a functional home office. Building an office space on your property that is separate from your home can give your business and productivity a serious boost. All the benefits of working from home such as no commute, flexibility and a relaxed atmosphere can be combined with the benefits of working in an office: structure, fewer distractions, peace and quiet from the rest of your household, and the ability to walk out the door and leave work behind at the end of the day.

A “home away from home office” doesn’t need to be large or extravagant, and a lot can be done with just a few hundred square feet. Depending on the nature of your work, you might consider separating out spaces for different offices or activities. Perhaps a small personal office and a larger meeting or conference room where you can work with clients or teammates would work well. If your business is in personal services, you could create a waiting area, a treatment room and a small office to keep things tidy and separated. Or if your work is artistic or physical, maybe one big open space is more inspiring or functional. Having these layout options is the biggest benefit of a custom build.

Working from home doesn’t have to mean you work in your home

Consider a cozier space in your office for casual client or team meetings.

If your work requires you to be online for much of the day, work with your contractor to have all internet and communication needs run directly into the building so you’re not worried about slow connections or interruptions. You can also bypass the clogged up Wifi issue when kids get home and start streaming or gaming.

A licensed contractor can also recommend and install an appropriate heating and cooling system, including energy efficient units that heat and cool small spaces fast and do not need to be left on all the time. If plumbing is desired, they can oversee that process as well. A good general contractor will oversee each part of the structure’s construction, just as they would with a primary home.

A home office is just one great reason to consider a stand alone structure, but it is one that will pay off in better business, increased productivity and maybe even a better home environment for everyone.

Customize your space to meet your individual needs with built-in work spaces.

Working from home means every day is bring your dog to work day!