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Employee Spotlight: Lee Lacks

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” This is the motto James River Construction Project Manager, Lee Lacks, lives by. Fortunately for us, Lee embodies both hard work and talent. Lee started his relationship with JRC as one of our trade partners providing cabinetry and casework. After several years working with him in […]

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Wellborn + Wright Provides Reclaimed Architectural Surfaces for JRC Clients

We talk about a lot of design trends on this blog, but one of the biggest ones we’ve seen with our client base is the move toward reclaimed materials. Our clients are consistently more aware of and concerned about the history of the materials that go into their home’s construction or renovation. One of the […]

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Design Trends: Wallpaper Done Right

For the last decade or so, wallpaper took a home decor hit. As homeowners went for more modern, clean and neutral designs, wallpaper became the annoying thing that needed to be scraped off during renovation. Home design trends from the 80s and 90s mimicked Victorian style with lots of pattern, darker colors, and often overbearing […]

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2017 Lighting Design Trends

Lighting design is a rapidly changing industry with new trends appearing quicker than almost any other aspect of interior design. That being said, lighting is one things that can most easily date a home. Fortunately it is also one of the easiest things to update. If your home needs a refresh or you’re starting from […]

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Angela Elliott Helps JRC Clients’ Design Dreams Become Reality

Some people think hiring an interior designer to help them with their new home or renovation is too expensive or too much trouble. But designer Angela Elliott argues that having a designer on board from the beginning of a project, as well as working with a proven construction company, can actually save you money and, […]

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The Modern Mudroom

The mudroom of the past was a cramped, messy space full of boots and coats and who knows what else. Not a part of your house you wanted other people seeing and certainly not a place that got a lot of thought or design attention. Fortunately, however, those days are over. Modern homeowners have finally […]

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