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The Kitchen Island 

Creating Your Custom Workspace

The kitchen island has gone from an added perk to a necessity for many homeowners in the past decade. Kitchen islands can serve so many purposes and they are no longer just a block of cabinetry with a solid countertop. Island design and functionality have evolved so that they have become a sort of centerpiece in the kitchen, and for good reason. Additional workspace, storage, seating and more can be incorporated in myriad ways. Here are just a few ways we’ve helped our clients create custom islands for cooking, entertaining and relaxing.

Raise the bar

This raised kitchen island bar created additional seating and entertaining space by James River Construction

In this client’s kitchen a double-level island was created for separate but connected workspace and eating space. The island also does double duty with built-in appliances.

natural wood risers connect the workspace of the island to the eating area by James River Construction

Natural wood risers were used to connect the eating space to the island countertop. Matching quartz keeps the island from looking disjointed. This is now an easy space to entertain while mixing drinks, or help out with homework while preparing dinner.

Plumb it in

This kitchen island has been plumbed for additional sink space and handy dishwasher placement by James River Construction

By running plumbing to this spacious island, our client was able to incorporate a deep stainless steel sink and a dishwasher. Putting these appliances here means more cabinet and countertop space elsewhere in the kitchen. Is also makes for easy food prep with the sink right next to wide open work space.

Don’t overlook the ends

Use the ends of your kitchen island for additional storage or display by James River Construction

The ends of kitchen islands contain valuable frontage that’s perfect for sneaking in extra storage, electrical outlets, or even appliances. In this kitchen, a double-drawer dishwasher is built in to the end of a spacious island for easy access.

Use the end of a kitchen island for a wine fridge and additional storage by James River Construction

On the other end of the same island an electrical outlet, wine fridge and narrow storage space for baking sheets and cutting boards fit perfectly in this otherwise overlooked space.

A modern kitchen uses the end of the island for a wine and beverage fridge

This client created a similar end cap on their modern kitchen island with a wine fridge and small beverage refrigerator. Putting beverages here helps keep a nice open flow behind the island and keeps the main fridge from being opened and closed all throughout a party or just throughout the day.

Mix it up

Use two different countertop materials on a kitchen island to differentiate work space from dining space by James River Construction

In this transitional kitchen, two different countertop materials on the same island delineate between eating and working areas. A solid butcher block is perfect for cutting and prepping foods and a light marble surface creates a high-end eating area. Again, great kitchen design is all about pulling double duty in every space possible.

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