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Fall in Love With Your Home This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day around the corner, you’re bound to hear the word “LOVE” quite a bit.

But one of the most popular evergreen sayings, “Home is where the heart is” rings true now as much as in years past.

So, regardless of whether you’re starting the journey or you’ve arrived at the home of your dreams, here are a few ideas to help you squeeze, snuggle and cuddle even more LOVE out of your happy home.

Find What Inspires You

Inspiration is everywhere – like here! Spend time looking for real-life examples of what truly speaks to you.

Research online (Houzz, Pinterest) and off (Architectural Digest, Architectural Magazine, touring neighborhoods and the homes of friends and family!)

Then copy, cut, paste & repeat… either digitally (Pinterest, etc) and/or analog (mags, scissors, glue/tape & make mood/inspiration boards)
Hester House 21

Have Fun Cleaning

A good, deep cleaning can re-kindle your love affair with your home.

Look at a good clean as more of an entire afternoon experience and not a chore.

What do we mean?

Maybe open a bottle of wine, turn on some music, clear your schedule and get into it.

And for the truly bold, invite some friends over, pay for the food & drinks & make it an event.

But don’t expect too much after about 1.5-2hrs. So plan ahead, make sure everything needed is there, make up some way to “divide & conquer” (like drinking games!) & get started.

Tip: click the image below for a guide on how to keep all those spaces clean!

Simplify Your Living Space…

(Option 1):If you don’t LOVE it… Donate itSell itRecycle it.. or Toss it!

Either way, you’ll feel a sense of relief and of new possibilities when you simplify your living space this way.

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…Or Fill Your Home With More Things You Love

(Option 2): Go all-in & fill your home with more of the things you LOVE & that remind you of LOVE.

While clean and organized are ideal, it shouldn’t be at the expense of your vision.

Our homes should meet all of our needs, including our need be reminded of the things that make us happy… everywhere we look.

Whereas cluttered rooms may make you feel claustrophobic, clean, open rooms can make you feel isolated.

Where are the empty spaces in your home, those spaces you “never got to”, and decorate them with items that tell your story… your narrative.

Family portraits, news clippings, handed-down art or simply an image, depiction, photo of a period or place that is significant to you & makes you smile when you see it.

Adding splashes of your story mixed w/ your personal style & personality energizes your home – and can remind you why you fell in love with it in first place.

 Valentine's day blog

Let There Be Light

Open up or change your blinds to let more natural light in.

And pull back those curtains!

In rooms without much natural light, add some new lights or lamps w/ brightly colored shades and higher powered bulb than before.

Another great tip: Put those dark curtains, area rugs, throw blankets and anything else that doesn’t lift your mood into storage for the winter months. Fill the room vibrant natural colors, and you’ll be amazed what the injection of a little bit more light makes on how you feel inside your home.

Invite Guests

Throw a party, get together, happy hour, book club, whatever you’re comfortable with, but have some people over.

Guests will notice and compliment things that we often take for granted. And it’s always nice to hear the people you love and trust say nice things about your home.

Love the Home You Live in For Valentine’s Day

In the end, remember that life is too short not to LOVE the home you’re in… so don’t wait.

But like any good & lasting relationship, it takes effort… but the return is well worth it.

We hope you have a love-filled and happy Valentine’s Day!

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