Whether you want your garage to be a luxury apartment for your beloved car, or you’d prefer to use the space to kick back and watch a game, here are just a few ways to make the most out of it.

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Garages have become so much more than just a place to store vehicles and holiday decorations

Americans are spending more time than ever in their own homes, which means coming up with creative new ways to use every square foot of space. For many families, their garage offers an opportunity for entertainment, activities – even lounging and relaxing. Whether you want your garage to be a luxury apartment for your beloved car, or you’d prefer to use the space to kick back and watch a game, here are just a few ways to make the most out of it.


Garages provide surprisingly good acoustic opportunities, which is maybe why so many famous bands were born in them. If music is your thing but you’re running out of space for all your equipment, turning your garage into a practice, stage or recording space may be the way to go.

This garage is connected to the main house via a covered walkway, which means less concern over noise polluting into the main living areas. But just to be safe, soundproofing panels were installed on the inside of the garage door.

Rugs and curtains were also installed to help with acoustics. Space was set aside for an audience with a bar-top storage table, wall-mounted TV, half bathroom and a mini-split AC unit.


A garage can provide a place not just to work on your car, but also to work on yourself with a home gym. It’s often hard to find enough expansive space in a home to dedicate solely to hefty workout equipment or the open areas needed for certain activities like yoga or aerobics. Take advantage of the openness of garage lofts or second floors to set up your personal workout space.

There’s no need to convince yourself to trudge to the gym when you have a space like this in your own home. The second floor of this garage made space for multiple pieces of equipment, weight lifting, yoga, pilates – you could even run laps in here! Lots of mirrors, a wall-mounted TV, fans and central air make it a functional, comfortable space to get your sweat on.

Flush mounted lighting and low profile ceiling fans are smart ways to bring in air flow and brightness without impeding overhead space in active areas. Professional grade gym flooring was installed for cushioning and safety. A surround sound system keeps the beats and energy thumping.


An unused or underused garage can become the perfect guest suite or private studio, providing more livable space without expanding the footprint or square footage of your existing structures

In this detached garage, the space was finished off complete with a mini-split AC system and a full bathroom with tub and shower.

There’s plenty of space here for a comfortable lounge or for an efficiency style studio with living, sleeping and eating areas. A rug warms the space up and a large armoire provides lots of extra storage. Space was also allotted for workout equipment and a wall-mounted TV.

Curtains, pillows, stylish lighting and wall decor all make this space feel warm and welcoming – you wouldn’t even know you had stepped foot into a former storage space!


If your lot or existing garage space simply doesn’t accommodate all the cars, vehicles and toys you want to store in it, it may be time to consider a lift system. Put recreational items or lighter toys such as golf carts, ATV’s or motorcycles on the lift while you park your everyday cars underneath.

In this garage, space was carefully considered, with an alcove built into the wall along the windows to accommodate motorcycles and dirt bikes.

Before installing a lift system, you’ll need to make sure your garage has the overhead space, and you’ll also likely need to retrofit your garage door openers. Low profile garage door openers are mounted to the side of the garage wall, giving you more overhead space. You’ll also want to discuss additional outlets and special electrical requirements needed for this type of equipment with your contractor.


The flooring in a garage can be just as important as the inside of your home. Safe, durable surfaces take precedence over eye-catching hardwood or tile, but design doesn’t have to go out the window.

In this garage a flooring called Swiss Track was used. It’s an extremely durable and slip resistant material that’s used in professional garages as well as personal homes. This 100% post-consumer recycled material is also eco-friendly. In addition, the tiles can be patterned and come in different colors to give your garage the race-ready look you’re going for.

If you’re a die-hard fan of a particular car make or model or even a sports team, then a custom epoxy painted floor may be what your garage needs. These floors look amazing, but also stand up to recreational use of pulling cars in and out when needed. They probably aren’t where you’ll be changing your oil, but it’s a great way to show off your car-pride.