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Trade Partner Spotlight: Morris Tile

If you’ve ever had a home built or have even undergone a home renovation, you know how many parts and pieces go into a project. Those parts and pieces cannot all come together into one beautiful, cohesive result without partnerships. That’s why we choose our trade partners very carefully – we are looking for long-last […]

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3 Key Ways to Upgrade Your Master Closet

A master closet doesn’t have to just be a place to store clothes. A well designed and executed closet can be a space to enjoy – whether you’re relaxing at the end of a long day or getting ready to put your best foot forward into a new one. Over the last few years, we’ve […]

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Staying Home While Staying Fit: Tips for Creating Your Own Home Gym 

Whether you’re looking for motivation to start an exercise routine or just want an easier and more convenient way to work out that doesn’t require leaving your home, a private home gym may be the answer. Creating your own gym means you can customize the equipment, layout, look and feel to your liking. When you […]

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Renovation vs. Remodel

Renovation and remodel are often used interchangeably, but the truth is that the terms mean two very different things, and knowing which is which can help you determine the right home contractor and other experts you may need for the job. What is a renovation? A renovation upgrades, improves and/or repairs issues in an existing […]

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2020 Kitchen Trends

Building a new construction home or remodeling an existing home’s kitchen? Here are a few of the latest kitchen trends we’ve been seeing with our own custom construction and renovation projects. Matte Black and Brass Fixtures and Hardware Brushed nickel finishes have had serious staying power over the last decade, and it certainly remains a […]

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