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A house is a shelter, but a home serves as a foundation for life. The difference between the two is you—your personality, preferences and desires integrated into a tasteful whole representing an ideal. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection by building a custom home with James River Construction.

Our expert team builds custom homes that last for generations, with every inch reflecting an unsurpassed level of detail and craftsmanship. Together, we can build a home that fits you precisely, creating a safe space that allows you to explore all the possibilities that life has to offer.

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  • 923-merchant-lee-pl-print-002-85-exterior-front-4200×2762-300dpi
  • 923-merchant-lee-pl-print-007-36-staircase-4200×2800-300dpi
  • 923-merchant-lee-pl-print-016-21-living-room-4200×2800-300dpi
  • 923-merchant-lee-pl-print-018-29-kitchen-4200×2800-300dpi
  • riverside-dr-25
  • 923-merchant-lee-pl-print-037-42-master-bath-4200×2800-300dpi
  • 923-merchant-lee-pl-print-045-68-wine-cellar-4200×2800-300dpi
  • 923-merchant-lee-pl-print-062-46-deck-view-4200×2799-300dpi
  • 923-merchant-lee-pl-print-065-70-patio-4200×2797-300dpi
  • 923-merchant-lee-pl-print-075-83-back-view-4200×2794-300dpi
  • 1-6-riverside
  • 13-riverside-dr-83
  • 14-riverside-dr-84
  • 21-riverside-dr-92
  • riverside-dr-45
  • riverside-dr-52
  • riverside-dr-66
  • 923-merchant-lee-pl-print-019-48-kitchen-4200×2800-300dpi


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