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It’s a new year and that means new trends and styles for all things home, and lighting is no exception.

Lighting is a fast moving aspect of home design, and can change dramatically from year to year. It’s also a relatively easy part of your home to update as your taste and trends change. Swapping out a bathroom fixture or adding sconces to a room can make a huge difference without a lot of effort and upheaval. So if you’re thinking about ways to spruce up your home in 2022, consider these up and coming lighting trends


Brass is back in a big way. We’ve been seeing brass sneak back into design features like hardware and plumbing fixtures, and it has now officially worked its way into lighting. This time around, matte brass is what’s trending, giving it a new, chic look.

Brass has become especially popular in kitchens and bathrooms where they can have the most visual impact. While it’s certainly trending at the moment, brass is also a classic finish that’s been around for decades, so you likely won’t be sick of it any time soon.


Metals may make up most lighting options, but more natural materials have also started to find their way into different types of fixtures. From wooden beads to shells to bamboo, natural materials can warm up a space while also bringing in visual interest. Natural materials can be a great contrast to cooler, minimalist spaces, like this modern kitchen. In this setting, the lighting, which is still a simple silhouette, can make a big impact.

Natural materials also make great sense in an outdoor environment. They are more likely to stand up better to the elements, but they also feel like they belong, helping to create a space that feels seamless with the outside, rather than out of place. 


Long gone are the days when lighting played only a functional role in the home. These days, lighting can be as much a focal point as a piece of art, furniture or fireplace. When using lighting as a focal point for a room, downplay the other elements to keep the space from getting too busy. In this sitting room, the walls, shelving, artwork and even the furniture were done in monochromatic forest green to allow the unique lighting installment to truly shine.

In this primary bedroom, neutral colors and simple lines allow this playful fixture to make a statement without feeling overwhelming. 

The unique lighting in this dining room does the work of leading the eye up and into the space. Feather-like crystal sconces bounce light against the mirrored walls, making a grand entrance to the equally grand chandelier beyond. The classic, elegant lines of the furniture and simplicity of the drapery and upholstery fabric ensures this lighting design shines brightest. 


One of the biggest shifts in bathroom lighting design has been simple, but impactful. Recently, we are seeing lights moving from down lighting above a mirror to softer, glowing sconce lighting at about eye level. Side lighting gives a more flattering, softer light, which can be ideal in a bathroom setting.

This lighting placement is also more ideal for vanities and areas where you may be sitting, providing light closer to where you need it, while also keeping it soft.


Sometimes one light fixture just isn’t enough – whether it’s not enough light or not enough impact. Regardless of the reason, dual light fixtures have become extremely popular in settings where light needs to be better distributed, but a large chandelier simply feels like too much.

When implementing dual light fixtures, it’s best to stay somewhat simple and keep them matching. Talk to your electrician or contractor about the appropriate spacing so that light is evenly and purposefully distributed where you need it.

There are so many options to choose from when picking lighting for your home, and the trends are changing all the time, so remember that the best lighting fixture is always the one that speaks to your taste, aesthetic and needs.