A backyard studio space allows this artist to get creative, relax and find space for herself.

Our client envisioned a distraction-free, inspiring space to work on her art without leaving her own backyard. A small studio abutting the property’s back fence line created just that, and with all the style of a true artist’s studio.

Creative Craftsmanship

The light-filled, two-story studio incorporated polished concrete floors, tall high gloss ceilings, large modern bronze single pane windows, oversized sliding glass doors with side panels, a full bathroom and kitchen. A lot of style was infused into a relatively small space by using natural materials and earthy tones.

Flexible Function

The space serves a variety of purposes for our client. A dedicated place for her art was primary, but there’s also space for exercise, relaxation and even entertaining small groups thanks to a full kitchen and bathroom. The studio can also serve as a guest house if needed and incorporates much-needed additional storage space.

Getting Creative

In the Fan district of downtown Richmond, near Monument avenue, homes are known for their beauty, history and charm, but they are not known for easy parking or alley access, which is where this structure was being built. Our project managers and partners aced this logistical challenge, ensuring everyone’s property was respected and deliveries and construction work were well-planned.