Family fun is at the heart of this home addition project.

A growing family and their growing interests were outsizing their square footage. But as with many of our clients, their love for their neighborhood and family home had held them in place.

Room to Grow

Our clients wanted space for their active children to play, while also adding more entertaining, cooking and working space for the entire family. Through a smartly designed addition, we were able to add a new functional rear entryway complete with loads of storage and handmade tile fabricated by a family friend in Morocco.

From there the kids can go down to the extended basement playroom while the grownups can relax in the new, sophisticated yet relaxed living room.

Fun in Functional

This fun family injected their unique style into the renovated guest bathroom with artful wallpaper, geometric tile and art deco-inspired hardware.

No Growing Pains Here

Thanks to excellent trade partners and coolheaded clients, this project came together beautifully, allowing them to enjoy their family home for many more decades to come.