There is likely nothing else you’ll ever do that will require as many decisions as a custom build.

Architect Jennifer Radacovik designed this seamless modern farmhouse addition and whole-home renovation for our clients.

At James River Construction (JRC)

There is likely nothing else you’ll ever do that will require as many decisions as a custom build. But there is a way to make the entire process less stressful while also ensuring a successful end product – hiring an architect and interior designer.

Working with an architect or architectural designer is something we recommend to all of our clients undertaking a major project. The difference between the two has to do with licensure and experience, but both professionals are qualified to design a home. In many cases, our clients come to us with plans in hand from an architectural professional which speeds up the entire planning phase, allowing us to get to construction faster. That’s because an architect’s plans eliminate a lot of the guesswork around structural concerns, project feasibility, design elements, special materials and more.

Mark White designed this screened in porch living space addition that feels like stepping out into a vacation..

Architect Mark White designed this covered porch leading out to a pool and outdoor kitchen oasis..

We will review these plans with our clients and if any questions or concerns arise, we can work directly with the architect to smooth those out before construction begins. If a client doesn’t have an architect, we are usually able to review the scope of work and recommend someone who will be a good fit for their needs. Working with an architect also helps ensure that the vision a client has in their head for their new home, renovation or addition actually comes to life. On the other hand, some clients struggle with having a vision at all, knowing only that they need more space, want more light or dislike their current layout. That’s when the design and artistic experience of an architect can help bring ideas to the table the client may have never thought of. In both cases, the result is a beautiful and functional end product and a happier client.

Interior Designer Dana McKenna helped our clients with stylish and timeless design and finish selections for whole house renovation designed by architect Mark White.

Working with an interior designer has similar benefits. When clients are struggling with the decision-making process during the design phase, we will often recommend they bring in an interior designer to assist. There are an array of decisions to be made that the average homeowner doesn’t even think about – floor and cabinetry finishes, fixtures, hardware, lighting, paint and wallpaper, windows and doors, siding or roofing materials, and a lot more, which can quickly become frustrating. Working with an interior designer can help move these decisions along by providing a cohesive, thoughtful design that takes all of these choices into consideration and that flows well with the structure and style of the project.

Interior Designer Dana McKenna is responsible for this lux dining room design.

Decisions that are overwhelming for a client are simply par for the course for an experienced interior designer. Additionally, they bring a wealth of knowledge to the table regarding the durability of certain materials, what works best for different lifestyles, trends over time and how to create something stylish that’s also classic and so much more. Again, working with a design professional not only takes the pressure off the client, it also results in them being happier with their finished home. The key to working with both architectural and design professionals is to bring them in as early as possible. The sooner structural and design decisions can be made, the easier they are to work into the project plans, including budget and timeline considerations. They ultimately will speed up the overall process and allow the construction phase to run much more smoothly.

Interior Design Firm Pillar & Peacock designed this stunning closet for our client that keeps everything tidy and organized.